Customer Portal

Tips for using the portal:


  • Usernames can be a name or an email address, your choice.
  • If you have multiple store locations, each location will require a unique username.
  • When enrolling/authenticating for the first time, reference an invoice number that is at least 7 days old.
  • If you are a new customer without an invoice to reference, please call Customer Service for more information.
  • The Customer Portal is only for customers who are invoiced directly by Fox Valley Farms or Fox Valley Farms of California.



  • Only 1 order can be placed per location for any specified delivery day.
  • If you need to add on or modify an order already placed, please call Customer Service to make changes.
  • Only full cases can be ordered online (FVF will discontinue the practice of ‘breaking cases’ system-wide within the next year).
  • Cut off time to submit shopping cart is 3:00pm CT (1:00pm PT).
  • Minimum delivery requirements will be reviewed by Customer Service before processing/shipping orders.
  • The shipping address cannot be changed. We will always deliver to the address on file. Please contact Customer Service to modify your delivery address.
  • Setting up “My Favorite Lists” by using each item’s heart icon may streamline your ordering process.



  • Invoice and payment data may be a few days delayed due to processing times.
  • In the “Products Invoiced” reports, use the funnel button next to the search bar to narrow the invoice date range. After selecting your desired invoice range, press the magnifying glass to process the request.
  • Online payment is not currently supported. However, please reach out to Customer Service for automatic ACH options.
  • As always, feel free to give us a call at 630-231-3005 for additional assistance!
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