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Fox Valley Farms Fox Valley Farms is a specialty dairy distributor serving Chicago, Northwest Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. We specialize in high quality soft serve dairy mixes and hard pack ice creams. We also carry a full line of frozen yogurts along with gelato and sorbet bases. But it does not end there! We also complement our specialty mixes with all the necessities that ice cream shops require.  Such items include ice cream cones, toppings, syrups, cone dips, cups and lids, utensils, and specialty ice cream packaging and containers. We strive to be the ice cream shoppe's one-stop shop!

When we established Fox Valley Farms back in 1988, our focus was simple: serve top quality dairy mixes with the highest level of service possible and build family-like relationships with our customers. This motto holds true today not only with our old family, but also with our future family. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Thanks for stopping by!